local farmers market

Farmers Market: Why should you support it?

As someone who does the grocery for the household, maybe you came to the point that you want to change your weekly shopping scenery. A feeling that you want to move away from having your grocery into an airconditioned supermarket into an open local market where the fresh air ripples through your clothes. 

If that is how you feel, you should better start asking yourself, “Where is the local farmers market near me?” This is because local farmers markets can give you a new grocery experience. Apart from that, it can also provide numerous benefits to you as a shopper.

Here are a few good reasons why shopping in a local market is a good deal.

  1. Supporting local farmers helps to develop your community and the local economy. Only around ten cents of every food purchase goes back to the farmer. The remaining 90 cents is spent by firms on the packaging, marketing, and transportation. Farmers that sell directly to customers receive 80 cents on the dollar for each food dollar sold—a much-needed economic boost at this time in our lives.
  2. Produce gathered fresh and in season is at its prime in terms of flavor and nutrition. Not only does buying locally support your community economically, but it also allows you to get to know your neighbors and consume fresher healthier food. 
  3. Farmers frequently provide suggestions for how to prepare their produce. If you are getting anything new that must be prepared, do not be scared to talk to the vendor. Inquire about the finest cooking methods and recipes, and share your suggestions. These minor inquiries can be beneficial when purchasing a product with which you are unfamiliar.
  4. You can experiment with a new fruit or vegetable. When it comes to the more unusual things available at a local market, make sure you approach each booth with a feeling of exploration. They do not say that diversity is the spice of life for nothing.

If you are near the Apple Valley market, you can check out the fresh, locally grown produce there.