Kitchen Makeovers on a Budget

DIY, budget kitchen makeover here! Since this is the first in a series I want to give you some background on this topic. Since a budget kitchen makeover usually means an attempt to revamp your home on a shoestring budget, it can be a challenge to try and make the necessary changes without going broke doing so. Either by scrapping out features you don’t need or trying to make the best of space that does not have to be used.

Usually, when people consider making a budget kitchen makeover they look for ways to revamp their space without spending more than they have. This can be difficult if you already have old and dated looking appliances and flooring. Oftentimes when we change out old items we do not replace all the grout and tiles, which is often the most expensive part of the entire project. So what options are available to you for revamping your space without breaking the bank?

One option is a simple and cheap fix, a vinyl upgrade. Vinyl upgrades are not only cheap but easy to do and can give your space a fresh and new face, instantly upgrading the look of your kitchen. For a budget kitchen makeover consider vinyl tile and grout, they are easy to install and have a polished look that will outlast anything else you may find on the market today. If installed properly, they can last for years and can also help to seal up problem areas in your kitchen such as under the counter space, where moisture builds up and hardens.

The final feature we will touch on is the most expensive item you can add to your budget for a budget kitchen makeover; countertops. Choosing the right countertop material can be one of the biggest expenses, with materials such as granite, quartz and soapstone leading the way, they can cost a great deal. However, if your budget allows for the materials mentioned here, they will provide you with a countertop that will last a long time and keep your kitchen looking clean, sparkling and beautiful.

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