Problems Dermatologists Can Address

In the medical field, different specialist medical doctors are experts in the conditions of specific body parts and organs. For instance, a dermatologist is the type of doctor who specializes in treating hair, skin, nail, and mucous membrane disorders and diseases. This article will discuss some of the problems that dermatologists can address.


Dermatologists can address warts in a variety of ways. Treatments range from freezing the wart to laser surgery. Each treatment is designed to completely remove the wart, but multiple treatments may be needed to get complete removal.

Hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem that dermatologists can diagnose and treat. These doctors examine the scalp, nails, and hair to determine the root cause of your hair loss. They also perform tests such as scalp biopsy and blood tests. After determining the cause, dermatologists can prescribe treatments to regrow hair faster and prevent further hair loss. However, certain types of hair loss, including age-related hair loss, are not reversible.

Poison ivy

Poison ivy can be extremely irritating to the skin. A visit to a dermatologist can be a good idea if the skin reaction is serious. The skin may be inflamed, swollen, or red. Some people may also develop blisters. The symptoms of poison ivy are usually present within eight hours of exposure, but some people may experience a longer reaction.


Dermatologists also treat skin symptoms and problems caused by rosacea. Treatment can help prevent dry eyes, crusts on the eyelids, and swelling around the eyes. If left untreated, rosacea problems can become more noticeable and even affect one’s eyesight. The condition can lead to permanent redness of the face, spider veins on the cheeks, and acne-like breakouts.

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