Singapore Pools Betting: Possible Bets in Horse Racing – Infographics

Horse racing is a popular equestrian sporting activity, usually involving at least two horses (sometimes up to four), both being ridden by professional jockeys, competition, and a flat course.

This sport has been around since at least medieval times and is one of the oldest in history. Its origins are likely to be as antique as polo, or perhaps even earlier. It evolved from a game like a trapdoor, or “pigeon races,” that may have been played in fields or meadows, involving small-enclosed runs. It was probably not regarded as an actual sporting activity until the nineteenth (19th) century. Even then, it mainly was looked upon as a form of gambling, with the large sums often won kept by the winner.

Several competitions are held for equestrian horse racing, including the British Thoroughbred Equestrian Games, a competitive event organized by the Thoroughbred Racing Association. This phenomenon is a prevalent sport in the UK. The Equestrian Games vary in style and type, but they usually include dressage and jumping course. Since the thirteenth (13th) century, they have been around when the first recorded event in Lisbon, Portugal.

The modern-day English Quarter Horse, the oldest known competitive breed, is first used in the English Polo Association. It was not a favorite in English polo, so it was taken into the British Establishment as a sport. The exact origin of the name remains unknown, but it was intended to describe the horse’s graceful carriage and civil actions. In recent years, due to increased popularity and interest in Thoroughbreds, there has also been an increase in people adopting these animals as pets. Many take on a severe liking to them. Many live and die in horse farms, making an amazingly comfortable living for those who love this noble animal.

Singapore pools sports are an elevated game that requires a considerable risk to take. It is not as simple as counting one (1) to three (3).

Thus, to know more about the Singapore pool odds and the possible bets in horse racing, read the infographic below made by CM2BET:

Singapore Pools Betting: Possible Bets in Horse Racing