Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Small Bathroom

If you want to maximize the space in your small bathroom, consider vertical thinking. Try mounting your faucet on the wall, so that it can serve as a basin sink. Install a skylight to let more natural light in. Another idea is to add a backlit mirror to create an illusion of extra space. But remember to keep clutter to a minimum. Marie Kondo recommends reducing clutter to make room for essentials. So, while adding extra storage, keep it minimal.

For additional storage, consider installing shelves above your toilet and sink, as these places are often overlooked. Using narrow open shelves will keep the room looking airy, while displaying extra towels will save you space. You can also use metal towel racks, which look good and are easily accessible. To keep things looking streamlined, choose matching bottles and containers for soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste. Purchasing items in bulk is easier if you have a matching bathroom organizer.

Another design idea that makes a small bathroom appear larger is incorporating a bathtub. This design is easy to implement, and if you’ve got a small bathroom, it can still look spacious. A bathtub is a great bathroom accessory, and there are many ways to incorporate one into a small room. You can even paint it a bright color if you want to give the room a more modern look. Alternatively, you can choose to use a bright, bold color such as orange or lime green.

One way to add nature to your small bathroom is to hang a gallery wall. This design idea works very well in an eclectic Nashville home. It makes the space seem larger and draws the eye upward. Hanging plants on the wall can be a great way to make a small space seem larger. It is important to have privacy and a decent amount of natural light. Use light colors to make the room look bigger and brighter. You can also use wallpaper in a playful way to accentuate an awkwardly shaped bathroom.

A mirror serves several purposes in a room. It extends light and creates the illusion of a wider space. Mirrors also reflect light, making a bathroom appear brighter and larger than it actually is. Another way to increase the size of a bathroom is to install a mirror over the vanity. You can also use mirrors on an entire wall, which will make it seem more spacious. However, this works best in bathrooms that are painted in light colors.

A large mirror plays an important role in a small bathroom design. A large mirror reflects bright colors and creates an illusion of a wider space. You can choose a round mirror or frameless one to make the room feel more luxurious. These two options will make your small bathroom feel bigger. Just be sure that you choose a mirror that will add character to the room. These are just some of the many ways to increase the size of a bathroom.

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