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The Top 7 Steps On How To Load Your Trailer Correctly

Are you one of the folks already searching “trailer for sale” and worried because they need a hand understanding how to load a trailer? We know this task can be difficult if you have little expertise. But don’t worry! We got you covered! You can make it easy and safer in this article by following these simple tips: 

Step 1: Park the trailer on a level surface

Before you load your trailer, make sure it is leveled. It will prevent your trailer from tipping while you load it and make the entire process easier.

You can use wooden blocks or ramps to level your trailer if you need a flat spot to park.

Step 2: Stabilize the Trailer

Stabilize your trailer by securing the wheels with chocks and hooking your trailer up to your tow vehicle before loading.

To prevent your trailer from rolling when you load it, it is essential to chock the trailer wheels. It will stabilize your trailer and prevent your load from moving while you place items on it.

Step 3: Use the 60/40 Rule

According to the 60/40 rule, 60% of your trailer load must be in front of an axle and 40% behind. It will ensure that your trailer doesn’t have too little or too much tongue weight, reducing sway when towing.

Plan so that you can properly distribute the trailer’s weight.

Step 4: The trailer should be loaded with the heaviest items first

This is the same as the 60/40 rule. However, loading heavier items first will ensure that you adhere to it to a T.

Place heavy items in the middle of the trailer, just in front of the axle.

Lighter items can be loaded around heavy items, but make sure to distribute them.

Step 5: Secure your Load

You can secure your items using ratchet straps or ropes to attach them to your trailer’s tie-down anchors.

It would help if you tugged on each one to ensure that they don’t loosen during transport or when the load moves around. You can buy this material from one of the utility trailer dealers. 

To prevent excess ropes or straps from getting caught on your trailer wheels, or dragging on the ground while you tow, make sure to tie them off.

Cargo should be tied down the same way as if you were using an enclosed trailer.

Step 6: If necessary, load additional cargo

You can add small or lightweight items to your cargo, but make sure they don’t fall apart once you are on the road.

It is smart to store small items in tubs or storage containers.

Once you have done that, secure any smaller items with bungee strings or cover them with a tarp. Then secure the tarp to your trailer.

Step 7: Check the Trailer Lights

It would help if you had a helping hand to ensure that all the lights on your trailer are working correctly.

You’re good to go! 

If you are already finished with these steps, you can rest assured that you have correctly loaded your trailer if you are looking for the best trailer manufacturers and accessories. Check out Trailers2000; they offer a wide range of trailer products. Contact them here.