Progression of TV Technologies [Infographic]

Progression of TV Technologies from CRT, LCD, LED, OLED

With the advancement of technology in every sphere of human endeavor, be it the advance of computer technology, or the improvement of TV technology, the inevitable outcome is the same, the progress of ovens and Washing Machines. Every year, when spring turns to summer to fall, the once slow Washing Machines are now as hot as the ovens and fryers they replaced, faster than the fast-food restaurants that replaced grease traps and deep fryers. This progress has come at a great cost, though, with entire industries being laid off in its wake, more often.

The wailing end of the progress of TV technologies is the evolution of microwaves toasters, flat-panel panel televisions to full screen, and washing machines to dryers. Advances in each of these areas have brought with them many changes in how people live their lives, but perhaps the most profound change came with the advent of portable washing machines. The days of the old washing machine are gone, replaced by sleek metal creations that could be folded and rolled from room to room. The mobility that these contraptions provided has now been replaced by a more complicated mechanism; one that hinges on the wall, allowing it to be pushed into place. While these creations still may not compare to the full-sized home Washing Machines, they do represent a more modern approach to the basic task of washing.

The advancements in TV technologies have, also, opened up new opportunities for independent producers. Rather than purchase expensive equipment for every camera or soundboard necessary for a given project, the independent producer can utilize the wealth of the digital world to create and deliver the finished product to his or her television audience. This trend has created many “Discovery Series” that pit one person against the entire planet to determine who is the greatest or most insightful. For those producers with an interest in this growing area of TV, these advances have offered opportunities that would have seemed impossible just several years ago. You can check out more of it in Megavision and Irwin’s Megastore.