What Does an NFC Chip Do?

In this digital age, we use mobile devices to manage our day-to-day lives. Whether you have heard the term before or not, almost every smartphone today is equipped with NFC technology, and you’re most likely using one right now.

What Is NFC?

NFC technology is the acronym for Near Field Communication technology, a proximity-based, wireless communication chip that allows smartphones, laptops, and tablets to share data with other NFC-equipped devices within short range. It provides a layer of security as it needs two devices to be close to one another to exchange data.

NFC evolved from RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification – the technology used in security scan cards. The two are alike; however, NFC is limited to an extremely short distance of 4 inches, which is why your phone must be held very close to another NFC-reading device.

 How Does NFC Work?

NFC technology comes in two parts: NFC tag and NFC reader. As the name suggests, the NFC reader “reads” and processes information before making a response. It then sends commands to the NFC tag, which responds accordingly. NFCs do not need manual pairing, unlike Bluetooth, since it automatically starts communication once a device enters its range.

What Does NFC Do?

NFC can perform more than just mobile transactions. It may not sound as good on paper as Bluetooth when it comes to proximity, but we cannot deny that it is used more often for many digital activities.

  • Android device content sharing. Using NFC, you can use your Android phone to share contact information, photos, and videos on-screen.
  • Mobile payments. Perhaps the most known use of this feature is the ability to make cashless transactions through Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Business management. For easier contact sharing, you can use NFC for various business activities, including promotional materials, improved marketing, and digital business cards.
  • Access to public transport. Advanced cities use NFC cards to gain access to public transport mechanisms.
  • Gaming. If you know Amiibo, you’re familiar with how it functions when a figurine is placed on Nintendo devices. Amiibo is equipped with NFC chips to give players access to new characters, bonus levels, and items.
  • Device quick pairing. NFC connects many of your wireless headphones, speakers, and even cameras with your smartphone.

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