What is Drain Inspection and Its Importance?

What is Drain Inspection and Its Importance?

Many contractors conduct a utility survey to prevent accidents during excavation. Those damaged utilities can result in expensive repairs and project delays. Utility investigations can help avoid these costly setbacks by providing accurate information on subsurface utility locations.

The drainage system is among the essential utilities to consider during construction. It is a network of structures, pipes, ditches, or channels designed to manage and control the water flow. This system helps prevent flooding, erosion, and water accumulation, especially during the rainy season.


What is Drain Inspection?

Drain inspection involves evaluating drainage systems to maintain smooth and systematic wastewater transitions from pipelines to sewage systems. It prevents unexpected drainage problems, such as frost, pipe cracks, corrosions, food waste, and toilet paper buildup.

Additionally, drainage assessments are equally essential as any other form of inspection. When conducted effectively, these can offer several benefits, including:

  • Detect early issues, allowing you to create timely resolutions without the need for costly repairs
  • Prevent the inconvenience of Blockages and slow water flow
  • Reduce the chances of drainage system and pipeline damage
  • Enhance environmental safety measures


Drain and Sewer Maintenance

Regular maintenance prevents costly emergencies in the future. It is advisable to conduct proactive and scheduled assessments of water waste infrastructure to ensure your sewer system remains in optimal condition. It will help you detect and address issues before they escalate into expensive repairs.

For instance, a thorough inspection of drains or pipelines can verify the reasons behind water backup in sinks or toilets. Typically, prospective homeowners underestimate the value of inspecting drains and pipes before purchasing property, only to encounter costly problems.

Engineers use CCTV pipe inspections to acquire vital information for wastewater and sewer system management. It provides inclination graphs that can measure the deformation of damaged pipes. Durkin experts can use locating and CCTV strategies to investigate and map complex drainage networks. At Durkin, we are committed to delivering skilled engineering and surveying services in Australia. We use cutting-edge technologies to complete the job, ensuring our clients are satisfied with our services. Feel free to call us on 02 9712 0308 or email us at info@durking.au.