What is workplace COVID-19 testing?

What is workplace COVID-19 testing?

Since coronavirus began spreading rapidly, the world has come to learn the importance of enhanced safety measures, especially COVID-19 testing, particularly in the workplace. Businesses must maintain a healthy working environment to ensure business continuity and safeguard employees amidst the pandemic.

Since there is a widespread outbreak, it increases the risk of transmission in various workplaces, considering it is spread through direct and close contact with an infected person’s respiratory droplets.

COVID-19 testing plays an important role in the collective effort of containing and mitigating the pandemic. Identifying infected individuals can prevent further transmission by isolating those who have been in direct contact with them.

There are COVID-19 testing options. The two primary types are diagnostic tests that can look for an active coronavirus infection in mucus or saliva and blood tests that look for antibodies. However, it is the diagnostic tests that are widely recognized worldwide.

The polymerase chain reaction or PCR test and the rapid antigen test are the two diagnostic tests. While the PCR test is substantially more reliable in producing accurate results, it takes a lengthy time to obtain the outcome. In contrast, the rapid antigen test can reveal the result in less than 30 minutes but are less reliable, particularly regarding the accuracy of results.

Many countries and airlines require either tests or a fit to fly covid test for travel purposes. Without taking one, a traveler will not be permitted to board a plane or travel to another country.

As PCR tests are regarded as the most accurate test on the market, almost all countries except a few only allow individuals with a negative PCR result. Taking PCR Test Birmingham comes with a fit-to-fly certificate that travelers can present when asked for one.

Such tests can reduce chances of transmission, protecting people and employees, which will then ensure continuity of public and economic services.

Learn more about workplace COVID-19 testing in this infographic by Harley Medic International.